Do You Know Costa Rica Safety Facts as You Should?

Whenever you travel to any new place, safety is always one of the major aspects that you need to keep in mind. When it comes to travelling to Costa Rica safety is a question that a lot many travelers look into before planning the trip.

If you ask “Is Costa Rica safe for travel,” the answer is “Yes.” The nation represents a life of purity and obedience. But like most other nations, it also has a few problems of its own. However, unlike what many people portray, it is not an unsafe place just like it’s not a haven. So, let’s learn about the present state of safety in Costa Rica.

How Safe is Costa Rica for Travelers?

In one line – Costa Rica is a safe tourist destination if you take certain commonsensical precautions and act responsibly. If you can do that, Cost Rica can be a pretty much safe place for you.

Here’s all that you must pay attention to:

Costa Rica Safety Measures Begins at the Airport

Airport and Costa Rica Safety

Costa Rica Safety begins at the airport

If you are going to be here in the tourist season (December to April), you are most likely to be overwhelmed with swarms of people at the airport. With so many locals here to receive the guests and shouting out names in the air, it can be quite a cauldron. It is fairly easy to lose an item from your luggage. While none of the Costa Ricans will harass you for letting them carry your luggage, it is not impossible to lose an unattended bag through the busy exit. It is wise to keep your luggage in the tow and walk carefully till you reach the other side of the exit.

It’s not a City that Never Sleeps

Okay, while in Costa Rica, you must expect the sundown around 6:00 pm (not exactly though). It’s a great idea to be back in the hotel by this time. Driving (if you have rented a vehicle) long distances after dark, especially on the highway, can be risky. A lot of roads do not have sidewalks, so you could very well drive into to a stray animal or even into people. The roads aren’t as straight and smooth as you’d expect. If you are there in the off-season, rain, fog and bad weather can ambush you.

Also, do not go to the ATM in the dark. You may be attracting attention as a vulnerable target. Likewise, don’t go the beach either. In Costa Rica safety means that you are responsible for yourself rather than putting rationale to wind.

There’s Always a Time for Swimming

Make sure you don’t go swimming/surfing/walking on the beach alone. It is a new place for you and you really don’t know how the waters behave there. Risks like rip current, undertow and riptide can endanger your life.

Make sure you have people around when you do this. And, don’t do it of you do not know how to.

Only Board Legal Taxis

Legal Taxi for Costa Rica Safety

Take only legal taxis for Costa Rica Safety

Yes, there are legal taxis and illegal taxis in Costa Rica. There are these red ones with a yellow triangle on them, and the orange ones, and the other ones.

Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica in all of these? No?

The red ones are legal and the orange ones are airport taxis. Both these are safe. But, there are a large number of illegal ones which are available throughout Costa Rica. Although, many genuine people try to make a living through these taxis, we advise that you board one only if you know and trust the driver. Or you can even rent a private car to move around in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica safety can be a lot easier if you are more rational.

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