The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best RV Mattress Topper

Since RVing tends to feature a wide range of activities, all RVers from novices to veterans know the importance of a good night’s sleep. That is why before heading out, enthusiasts of RVing must decide how to get quality shut-eye on the road.

To sleep comfortably, lots of people spend big bucks just to swap factory-standard RV mattresses for premium aftermarket models. Nonetheless, many RVers still opt to pick up mattress toppers instead of brand-new mattresses.

Placed on top of mattresses, toppers noticeably increase support as well as level of comfort. If you happen to own the best RV mattress topper, you could sleep soundly even on basic mattresses and wake up revitalized day after day.

Choosing Best RV Mattress Topper

RVers today have all sorts of ideas in mind regarding what could be called the best RV mattress topper available for purchase on the market. That being said, if you like to spend money wisely then it’s important that you memorize the following criteria.


Generally speaking, it’s ill-advised to treat toppers of mattresses too rough but you should still get a product that holds together in use. The last thing you want to experience is to see your newly-bought RV mattress topper start to disintegrate after only a couple of nights. So save yourself a headache and pick up a resilient topper for your RV mattress. To reach an objective conclusion about the endurance of a particular product, it’s strongly recommended that you thoroughly check out its ingredients, design, technologies, …


Since the thickness of the mattress topper influences support to the body of the sleepers, it certainly needs special attention. Take into account the plain height of your RV mattress so as to deduce the fitting thickness for its topper. In addition, it’s worth noting that as thickness increases, heat retention also gets boosted. Therefore, you have to go over the weather, temperature, humidity and so on before deciding. For your information, the thickness of typical toppers for mattresses of recreational vehicles often ranges between one and four inches.


Once it comes to the firmness of mattress toppers, it’s essential to think about the sleeping posture: for back and stomach sleeping, soft toppers tend to be excellent choices. On the other hand, side sleeping requires significant support to the body so firm toppers prove ideal in most cases. Besides that, using the firmness of the toppers, it’s possible to manipulate the firmness of the mattresses as well. Hence, if you like to adjust the level of support offered by your mattress, you have to give the firmness of its topper some thoughts.

rv mattress topper


All in all, if you sleep alone, you would be able to turn and tumble to your heart’s content. But if you happen to spend the night next to loved ones on the mattress, your movements may disturb them. As a result, RVers that have sleeping companions usually look for toppers with motion isolation. If you own a camper mattress topper that features motion isolation then you could fall asleep knowing that your beloved seldom notices your bedtime tumbling.


Since price is always linked to performance, you must be careful while calculating the shopping budget for the mattress topper. Buying dirt-cheap toppers undoubtedly helps you save some bucks but as such products incorporate mediocre materials, you likely have to spend more on replacements. Chasing after expensive, top-of-the-line mattress toppers on the market is also unwise unless you have special needs. Just by searching around, you should find decent products that come at relatively affordable prices.

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