Top 5 Indispensable Items When Traveling in Costa Rica

Costa Rica promises to offer “pure life” – a way in which people live their life here. It is an experience that’s one of a kind. But, if you are traveling here for the first time, you may always end up feeling that you should have had certain things in your travel kit. So the travel tip for those who plan to visit this beautiful country is to keep in mind these 5 indispensable items when traveling to Costa Rica.

Top 5 Indispensable Items when Traveling to Costa Rica:

Well, this may not be all that you need, but these things are sure to make your stay and far more comfortable one.

1. Insect Repellent

Even if you come here in the dry season, there are plenty of bugs to deal with. Insects can interrupt your pleasant journey, especially, if you are sensitive to mosquito bites. Keeping all types of insects away from you is the only a good way to enjoy the trip. Thus, say goodbye to bugs with an efficient insect repellent.

2. Sunscreen Lotion

Several tourists mark their presence to this country simply to relax on the gorgeous beaches. However, the sunrays are extremely strong here due to the tropical climate. In fact, the rays can be too strong to bear if you are someone who is not used to such a climate. A good sunscreen is all you need to protect your skin. It is one of the essential components in the list of the indispensable items when traveling in Costa Rica.

Find the indispensable items when traveling in Costa Rica

Some of the indispensable items when traveling in Costa Rica

3. A good Pair of Crocks

If you are a river rafting lover, crocks are something you must not skip. They are perfect for river rafting, swimming in the ocean, kayaking – in short, anything related to water. During your visit, you might explore the beautiful jungles and walk miles. An ordinary pair of shoes may not be enough for you in that case. So, get a pair of crocks that fits perfectly for the trip.


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4. Light Clothing

Costa Rica is a place where you will experience tropical climate, which is usually warm and sunny throughout the year. In addition to this, the humidity will also add to the sticky climate. Selecting clothes sensibly is important to avoid uneasiness. Packing light clothes for the trip is a good choice as you may go for trekking sessions with your fellow travelers.

5. Smart Apps

Since most of us are likely to own a smart phone, don’t forget to download some smart apps. The reason behind this is simple – you travel with much ease. For instance, if you do not speak Spanish, apps such as Google translator can be of help, and Google maps are truly helpful when visiting an unknown place.

Indispensable items when traveling in Costa Rica on mobile

Apps to look for indispensable items when traveling in Costa Rica

Ensure that along with all the above items, you carry a sense of love for adventure as this is what will turn your trip memorable. Do not hesitate in trying to explore the local food and market places to add to the fun. Lastly, do carry the above mentioned indispensable items when traveling in Costa Rica for uninterrupted pleasure.

Happy journey!

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